EEG-based Assessment in Northfield

An EEG/ERP assessment allows the evaluation of brain physiological functioning and cognitive processing. This type of assessment is done through a recording of the brain’s electrical activity. Electrodes are attached to a patient’s head so that this electrical activity can be measured and recorded. EEG/ERP-based assessment is recommended for individuals who are challenged by cognitive delays, executive functioning disorders, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep disorders, traumatic experiences, brain injuries, and personality disorders.   Please print and sign the EEG/ERP consent form.

The Process:

  • Client who is identified for an EEG-based assessment will be provided with Dr. Labkovsky’s contact information and Dr. Labkovsky will email them directly.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield clients will be asked to verify insurance coverage for this service prior to the date of the evaluation. Appropriate billing codes will be provided to you prior to an appointment being scheduled.
  • Client will be sent an email from Dr. Elena Labkovsky, Ph.D. outlining important pre-procedure guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure the validity of this evaluation.
  • Testing sessions typically occur during the hours of 8 am and 2 pm. The length of the procedure is about 1.5 hours. An absentee note can be provided by request for children and adolescents who are tested on a school day. Information regarding the testing process will be emailed prior to an appointment being scheduled.
  • After the procedure, the recording of the brain bio-electrical activity will be analyzed and interpreted. A report will include the results of the assessment, a discussion of strengths and challenges, a relevant diagnosis, and recommendations. These reports take 1 to 2 weeks to be completed.
  • A feedback session is scheduled to review the findings and discuss the individualize treatment plan.
  • Afg Guidance Center is an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. BCBS insurance will be billed per assessment code (including EEG recording, Digital Analysis, Functional Imaging, and Report preparation). A list of the billing codes will be provided separately in order to verify the coverage with the patient’s medical insurance.
  • Payment for all self-pay individuals is made at the end of each testing session based upon billable codes. A detailed receipt for reimbursement from the insurance company will be provided.

For more information

For more information please contact Elena Labkovsky, Ph.D at 847-853-0234 or