Child Psychiatric Services in Kenilworth, IL

A Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health disorders affecting children and adolescents. A psychiatric evaluation is recommended for children or teens experiencing emotional, behavioral, social, developmental, or learning difficulties. Through comprehensive interviews with the child and family, this evaluation will explore the possible contributing psychological factors regarding current difficulties, stressors, academic issues, as well as, medical, developmental, and family history. Based upon the information gathered, the psychiatrist and the family will discuss the results of the assessment, as well as, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. These recommendations may or may not include the use of psychotropic medication. If psychotropic medication is an agreed upon intervention, the psychiatrist will prescribe the medication and will closely monitor the impact on symptoms.

The Process:

  • The parents of an individual who is referred for a psychiatric evaluation need to complete the initial intake interview prior to a psychiatric appointment being scheduled.
  • Once the intake is completed, you will be scheduled for an initial psychiatric evaluation. During this appointment, the client and parents discuss presenting concerns, as well as, treatment options for medication and recommendations for additional interventions such as therapy or testing.
  • If medication is prescribed, parents are asked to complete a standard series of medical evaluations such as blood work and/or an EKG to ensure that your child is in good health prior to starting a new medication.
  • Medication follow up appointments are scheduled at varying time intervals depending upon the amount of monitoring the psychiatrist believes is appropriate for your child. It is strongly encouraged that appointments are made in advance or at the end of each meeting with the psychiatrist.
  • Afg Guidance Center is an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. BCBS insurance will be billed according to the services provided. Prior to your appointment, contact your insurance company to ensure your behavioral health care is covered under your current plan.
  • Payment for all self-pay individuals is made at the end of each appointment. A detailed receipt for reimbursement from the insurance company will be provided.

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