Family Psychology Services near Chicago, IL

Thank you for choosing Afg Guidance Center for your child’s behavioral health care. We offer a wide range of clinical services from psychiatric evaluations, to psychological assessments to therapy.

Psychiatric Services

A Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health disorders affecting children and adolescents. Psychiatric care includes a comprehensive evaluation and follow up medication management meetings.

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Psychological Assessment

The purpose of a psychological evaluation is to evaluate of one’s IQ, cognitive abilities, and academic performance, but also includes the whole range of executive functioning abilities, emotional, and behavioral processes, as well as personality traits and social patterns. The results of a psychological assessment serves as a foundation for diagnosis and treatment planning.

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Developmental Assessment

A developmental evaluation is a process designed to be completed with children ages 0 to 6 in order to understand their cognitive competencies and capabilities. The results of the evaluation can provide information regarding your child’s abilities and serve as a foundation for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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EEG Based Assessment

An EEG/ERP assessment allows for the evaluation of the brain’s physiological functioning and cognitive processing. This type of assessment is done through a recording of an individual’s brain waves. Sensors are placed on the patient’s head to measure and record brain waves.

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Therapy Services

Many children and adolescents need supportive therapy in order to effectively manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. At Afg Guidance Center, we offer individual therapy, family therapy, ADHD coaching as well as group therapy services.

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Neurobehavioral Therapy Services

Neurobehavioral therapy is a medication free procedure to treat psychological and behavioral problems by teaching a client to control own his/her brain activity. The therapist functions much like a personal trainer designing an individualized exercise program based on the results obtained from an initial evaluation and then monitoring the “exercise” interventions making the necessary adjustments to the activities as needed.

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Group Therapy Services

At Afg Guidance Center, we believe that a group therapy milieu is a great place to learn and practice developing skills and behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. Child and adolescent groups are designed to focus on specific issues such as ADHD, Depression or Anxiety. These groups also focus on developing social skills, coping skills and self-expression skills.

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