Student Training

Afg Guidance Center offers an intensive 11-month training program for doctoral students in clinical psychology who are completing their Ph.D. or Psy.D. graduate educational requirements. Students completing their Diagnostic and Advanced Externships, under the direct supervision of the licensed psychologists at our practice, conduct clinical interviews; administer, score, and interpret neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment measures. The trainees also work collaboratively with their supervisors to prepare psychological evaluation reports; and provide feedback to parents, clients, other members of the treatment team. Additionally, students completing their Advanced externship provide therapy services, again under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist within the practice. Outside of the clinical work that they complete, trainees participate in a weekly team-led meeting designed to advance their developing assessment, therapeutic, and professional skills.

This year’s externs, from left to right, are Elana Horowitz, William Forbess, Amanda Bullock, and Alexandra Salame.

2021 Externs

Helping Children Cope with Tragedies like the Highland Park Shooting