Rebecca Shukhman, D.O.

Adult Psychiatrist in Kenilworth, Illinois

Dr. Rebecca Shulkman

As an Adult Psychiatrist, I am experienced with the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders (including depression, bipolar, OCD, PTSD) and ADHD. I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago with minors in biology and neuroscience. I went on to get my medical degree from Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed my general psychiatry residency at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine.

I enjoy working with patients, often in conjunction with their families, in order to help them live up to their full potential. I strive to make sure patients feel heard and believe in working collaboratively toward an appropriate treatment plan that meets their goal using as few medications as possible. I also believe that not everything can be treated with medications alone and that no person exists as an island. Therefore, I am thrilled to be able to work in conjunction with highly and diversely trained clinicians who can provide additional support and therapies to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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