The AFG College Readiness Program

college readiness program


The AFG College Readiness Program is available to high school students looking to prepare themselves for the rigorous academic, emotional, and social challenges of college life. The program consists of 6-8 group modules designed to bolster both confidence and awareness of the college transition. By education students and providing an environment open to questions and concerns, the AFG College Readiness Group exists to provide a safe place for students.

Topics prepared by the therapist include:

  • Study Skills: Making better habits
  • Independence: Learning to manage time and autonomy
  • Interests & Choices: How to grow without burning out
  • Relationships: How to keep friends and make new ones
  • Self-Reliance v. Reaching Out: When to know the difference
  • Academic Planning: Navigating resources and programs
  • Physical Health: Managing Energy, exhaustion, and rest
  • Geography: How to get your bearings and why it matters
  • Success: Setting and achieving short and long-term goals

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