Seth Preminger, Psy.D.

Children’s Clinical Psychotherapist in Kenilworth, IL

seth preminger psychologist

As a Clinical Psychotherapist, I have a lot of experience working with children and adolescents and their families. Even before graduate school, I worked on a college campus and volunteered with this population, which is what led me to want to pursue my degree. During my training and clinical experience, I have come to understand how children and adolescents function and what they need to succeed at a high level because that is my goal: to provide them with the tools necessary to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

I received my Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree from Adler University (former the Adler School of Professional Psychology). I completed my clinical training at a college, a psychiatric hospital, and here at AFG. My internship was at Palos Behavioral Health Professionals, a private practice in the south suburbs of Chicago that provides therapy and neuropsychological testing for children, adolescents, and adults. Over the course of my training, my primary interests have been working with children and adolescents and their families. I have gained a unique understanding of the problems affecting these populations and how to best help. My training is mainly in “third-wave” models of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Through this, I understand that children are products of their environment and cannot always change their circumstances. However, they are able to alter their perceptions and gain insights into how best to succeed and functioning in these forever changing environments. Children and adolescents are very resilient and intelligent, they just need guidance and someone to listen and understand them. This is where I come in. I provide my clients with a place to be themselves and not only work through their difficulties but also gain better insights, in a safe and friendly environment. Working here at AFG, I also understand the importance of advocating for children and adolescents. I do this by working with school systems and developing educational plans that meet clients’ emotional, behavioral, and cognitive needs.

Here at AFG, I am honored to work with such an extraordinary multidisciplinary team. I have extensive experience working with complex issues, focusing on treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, parent/child relationships, school refusal, life-transition problems, and general adolescent difficulty. I have a particular interest in working with teens and young adults helping them transition through these challenging periods of their life. I am also one of the individuals who complete psychological assessments. When it comes to neuropsychological assessments, individuals testing protocols are of the utmost importance. Each child is different and must be treated as such, with testing measures focusing on whatever is most relevant to the referral question and what the client is struggling with at the time. Lastly, I assist in the supervision and training of the doctoral level psychology graduate students.

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