Sensory Processing Disorder Treatment in Kenilworth, IL

Sensory processing disorder, abbreviated as SPD, is a condition that affects the brain’s ability to receive and respond to new information brought forth by various sensations. These disruptions can make simple everyday tasks quite difficult since a person with SPD can be oversensitive to certain noises, or struggle to participate in regular conversation.

Quite often, individuals with sensory processing disorder will exhibit clumsy motor skills, behavioral issues, and problems in an academic setting. This disorder is often associated with other developmental conditions like autism spectrum disorder, and is typically diagnosed during childhood.

What Are the Symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder?

SPD can affect multiple senses or a single sense. This spectral disorder is commonly characterized by either an oversensitivity to various stimuli or by exceptionally dull senses.

Those who experience an over-response to sensations will find certain noises, textures, smells, flavors, and sights to be unbearable. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you will find patients who remain unresponsive to things that should be causing them a great deal of discomfort or pain like touching a hot surface or rapidly consuming frozen foods.

Diagnosing sensory processing disorder can be tricky because many will brush off their symptoms or the symptoms of others by simply claiming that they are “clumsy” or “spastic”. In many cases, sensory processing disorder can be misdiagnosed as ADHD. For this reason, it is advised for patients to see a specialist in order to more accurately define the cause of their symptoms.

How Can AFG Guidance Center Treat SPD?

Although there is no clear explanation for what causes sensory processing disorder to occur, there are still several excellent treatment options available. Because this disorder varies widely from one patient to the next, it is critical that you or your child see a specialist in order to determine the best course of treatment for their unique case.

Generally, treatments regarding sensory processing disorder will focus on improving the patient’s ability to carry out essential tasks. This often includes building up their tolerance to certain sensations by repeatedly exposing them to a particular stimuli until the sensation becomes normalized and familiar.

Sensory integration is another method that works especially well with children, as it turns the entire treatment process into more of a fun challenge. Many therapists find that these sorts of exercises are particularly beneficial to the patient’s behavioral health and social skills.

A combination of occupational therapy along with sensory integration is fairly standard practice for treating SPD, though your therapist will be able to tailor the treatments to your specific needs should these general practices prove ineffective.

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